Aussie Mama began in July 2016 when my daughter Leila was born. I will be taking you through some real life personal experience on parenting. Although parenting doesn’t come with a manual, it is good to know a bit on parenting styles. It is a 24 hour job to be ready for.

Parenting in Melbourne means to be prepared for four seasons in a day. Its a fun task where you find a dramatic side of life that you never knew about your self like reading story books in different tones singing and finding your baby’s favorite lullaby that makes them happy and calms them down. I hope my blog inspires people and make them smile as they remember similar things they are going through or went through.

There is a lot of opinions you receive when you are expecting but as a mama you will do what is best for you and your little one. Your life feels complete when you see little one smiles and its all about getting ready for over and over again feeding , burping , dirty diapers , toys , dressing them up to overall keeping them happy.

Aussie mama is just created for you mamas to make your life more fun and exciting with keeping little ones happy at the same time. We will take you to some great places with product reviews ,shopping , food ,events ,parks and travelling with kids. I hope you find the blog both informative, entertaining and a go to resource for life with a baby.