Making  A Cuppa of Masala Tea in Minutes 

If you are like me spending hours on the tea isles in your supermarket this is for you. I love collecting every type of Tea I possibly can and in malls I surely need to go to T2 to see whats new and latest.This is very quick and easy way to create your own masala tea all you need is get your spice. So for this you will need:

Sweetened Condense Milk 2tbsp

Cloves 2

Cardomom pods 1

Powdered Ginger Powder 1/2 tsp

2 tea bags up to your liking.


Add tea bags to your cuppa and hot boiling water.

Add all the spices onces achieved a black tea consistency remove the teas bags.

Add the condense milk and mix well.You do not need any sugar.

Enjoy full aroma tea in comfort of your own home.


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