Chocolate Oreo Coffee Mousse 

I did this today for my husband as he went to the gym all week. As promised I surprised him with  this desert.


Chocolate cadbury either dark or normal.

Thickened Cream 1 cup

White sugar 3-4 tbsp



Cofee powder 1tbsp


Oreo biscuits

Butter 1tbsp


1.Whisk the thickened cream until turns creamy and fluffy. Once done put this mixture in the freeze.

2.Separate egg yolk and egg white in different bowls.

3.Now lets work with egg yolk. Put the sugar in the egg yolk and whisk until gets light yellow and then set aside.

4.Melt the chocolate  using double boiler. Which means in a saucepan put 1 inch water in boiling  on top put a plate or saucer that doesnt touch the water in the pan.Now add chocolate,vanilla,coffee and butter keep stiring.Once done set it aside.

5.Whisk the egg white till fluffy set aside.

6.Now the egg yolk that you beated in the bowl add 2 to 3 tbsp of melted chocolate make sure its cool enough not to cook the yolk. Whisk it for few seconds.

7.Add the egg yolk mix to the whole melted chocolate fold it with a spoon slowly put it back on double boiler for few minutes let the yolk cook.Once a bit cool.

8. Now put the egg white keep folding the mixture.

9. Add the thickened cream mixture that you set in the freeze earlier and your main mousse is done.

10.Blend 4 to 5 oreo biscuits in a blender until smooth.

11.Put the blended oreo in dessert cup this is for 2 to 3 cups recipe so get 3 and distribute the buscuits evenly.

12.Add the mix to each cup and cover with glad wrap. Freeze 4 to 5 hours ot overnite.

13.Add granish to your liking either whipped cream grated chocolate oreo biscuits and serve for total indulge.



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