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Breast Feeding Vs Baby Formula

wp-1487661744050.jpgIts often a  pre assumption  before birth that you will only breastfeed your baby. I gave birth to beautiful baby at age of 35 and with 41 hours of labour finally had this beautiful child in my hands. During my labour lot of things didn’t go well and I had a haemorrhage with a over stretch bladder which then I had to wear Catheter for over 2 months. During my 6 days in hospital 4 days I didn’t sleep at all with new born trying to breastfeed but couldn’t  get it right with bleeding nipples. With my health it wasn’t a great experience with Midewifes  trying to express milk which wasn’t enough for my child. After all the exhaustion  I had one midwife who came to be and asked me if she would put a breast milk child in front of me and a formula fed would I know which is which. Slowly the guilt and knowing whats good for me and my baby started making sense.

Of Course Breast milk is good for your baby in many ways with endless benefits.

It said to provide natural antibodies that help your baby resist illnesses,
It’s usually more easily digested than formula. With  breastfed babies are often less constipated and gassy.It may raise your child’s intelligence.
Breast milk may even help your child in later years, by reducing the risk of being overweight, and of developing asthma, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia, and lymphoma.

I today proudly can say my child is 7 months old  and she can crawl and sit play and stand on her own while kids at her age are still either trying to learn how to crawl or still not able to do anything that she can. I have visited my child health centre and they amazed with her growth and intellect at this age. I surely have to thank Mamia  for providing and amazing formula for my child with  sufficient nutrients. I recommend this product to every mum who to some level is thinking of Formula feeding their baby. Its very affordable and  available at  your nearest Aldi supermarket.